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Moving Forward is a State of Mind

Arun Kumar Saxena isn’t just a seasoned sales and marketing guru with a resume boasting blue-chip giants like Airtel and Reliance. He’s a career alchemist, transmuting potential into success for over 20 years. His strategic campaigns at companies like Airtel & Reliance Communications haven’t just driven business growth – they’ve earned him the trust of industry leaders.

But Arun’s story goes beyond boardrooms. His academic excellence, with a psychology degree at the top and an M.Phil. in Management adding depth, reveals a deep-seated fascination with the human mind. This fascination led him to found MINDSCAN, a pioneer in unlocking individual potential through DMIT tests and psychometric tests.

MINDSCAN isn’t just a company; it’s Arun’s passion project. He leverages his expertise in psychology, career guidance, and human resources to craft personalized blueprints for success. Whether you’re an individual seeking your perfect career fit, a leader looking to empower your team, or a student navigating the world of higher education, Arun’s insights are your compass.

As a Certified Advanced Career Counsellor and DMIT expert, Arun wears many hats, but only one passion drives him: helping people discover their unique strengths and chart a path to fulfilling careers. He’s a Fellow Member of the National Human Resource Development Network and a Growth Partner at the HR Association of India, actively shaping the future of talent management.

So, if you’re an individual craving self-discovery or a business seeking talent alchemy, Arun is your partner. Connect with Arun and embark on a journey where potential ignites success, powered by the magic of Arun Kumar Saxena, the DMIT test, the psychometric test, and a heart that beats for human potential.

Arun Saxena - Founder of MINDSCAN
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Founder & CEO – MindScan

Our Vision


 To empower millions of individuals to discover their inherent potential, competence, make informed choices, and thrive in fulfilling and meaningful lives- ‘Professional and personal’, making our services affordable and accessible to each & every social and economic strata of the country.      

Our Mission

Hand Holding Lightbulb - Our Mission

Our mission is to provide expert career and academic guidance, personalized mentoring, and resources to empower individuals in making informed career and stream decisions, overcoming obstacles, and achieving their desired aspirations. Through our client-centered approach, we strive to foster self-discovery, enhance skills, and facilitate successful professional / academic transitions, ultimately enabling our clients to build fulfilling and rewarding careers.

Our Values

Find Purpose in Everything You Do

Business Core Values - MINDSCAN


Focusing on helping clients achieve tangible outcomes, such as identifying suitable career paths and enhancing job skills. Identifying the strengths, weaknesses, and conditioning of the client to provide sound advice and remedies so that the individual may grow and flourish.



Maintaining strict confidentiality and respecting the privacy of clients, ensuring that personal information is handled with the utmost care.



Upholding ethical conduct, honesty, and trustworthiness in providing guidance and advice to clients.



Maintaining high standards of expertise, confidentiality, and professionalism in all interactions and services provided.


Client-centered approach

Putting the needs and interests of clients first, tailoring counseling services to their individual goals, skills, and preferences.


Long-Term Support

Emphasizing the importance of continuous association with Mind Scan family and keeping the esteemed client updated with latest industry trends, providing the most relevant and up-to-date career guidance



Demonstrating understanding and compassion towards clients, their unique situations, and their career aspirations.

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Why Choose Us?

It's worth a try - MINDSCAN
  • Fastest growing DMIT company in India
  • MINDSCAN is an ISO 9001:2015 company which establishes the fact that we have a quality management system in place. We will consistently provide you high quality products and services.
  • MINDSCAN is an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 company which validates the fact that we have a comprehensive framework for managing information security risks and protecting sensitive information and assets. Your personal data is 100% safe with us.
  • We provide Psychometric test and DMIT under one roof.
  • We provide the best career guidance & counselling services.
  • We have an AI based platform for Psychometric testing & 100% genuine software for DMIT
  • We believe in delivering Value for Money

Meet Our Advisory Board

From - Industry

From - Academia


Dr. Sangeeta Saxena

Dr Sangeeta Saxena

Director Principal, The Millennium School, Bhatinda

Dr. Anurodh Chitra

Dr Anurodh Chitra

Principal, DDPS, Bijnore

Dr. Priti Saxena

Dr Priti Saxena

HOS, Aadharshila Vidyapeeth, New Delhi

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