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Harness our AI-powered Online Psychometric Test coupled with expert counseling to unlock your professional potential and pave your career path.

What You Get From The Report:

Skill Mastery: Pinpoint strengths and improvement areas for optimal growth.
Quotient Analysis: Navigate life’s challenges with detailed IQ, Physical, and Social insights.
Personality Profiling: Match your traits with ideal career paths through deep personality analysis.
Custom Career Paths: Receive tailored advice and strategic career recommendations.
Personal Development: Explore aligned hobbies and educational opportunities to further your goals.
Learning and Growth: Discover hobbies and access recommendations for free courses and top colleges in India tailored to your career interests.

Ideal For:

Students (Class 8 onwards), Professionals and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

How to Access the Test?

Visit MINDSCAN Career Test and select ‘Take a Psychometric Test’.
Follow Instructions: Ensure accuracy with clear instructions.
Complete the Assessment: You have 75 minutes to finish the test, with options to review questions.

Results and Support:

Report Delivery: Receive your detailed report via email or WhatsApp on the same or within 1 working day.
Counseling Session: A 35-minute session to discuss your results and future steps.
Dedicated Support: Contact us via WhatsApp at +91-9140604743 or email at for any assistance.

Why Choose Us?

Elevate your career with expert guidance, affordable high-impact services, and the clarity to succeed.

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