Discover Your Path: Top Psychometric Test for Students

Psychometric Test for Students

psychometric test for students

MINDSCAN Psychometric assessments aid students in gaining a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. Through a series of straightforward questions, our tests aim to evaluate an individual’s abilities. These questions are specifically designed to analyze both the physical and mental state of the student, as well as their conditioning.

Presently, our education system employs a “one size fits all” approach, and career choices are often influenced by peer and parental pressure. Unfortunately, there is a significant lack of awareness regarding suitable career paths. In fact, according to a survey conducted by India Today, 45% of students end up making incorrect career choices. Additionally, it is alarming to note that, on average, students are only aware of seven potential career options. The availability of counselors and mentors for students is also scarce, with 95% of Indian schools lacking such support, as reported by Times Job.


At MINDSCAN, we firmly believe in the implementation of a comprehensive 360-degree evaluation and educational approach. Our AI-powered platform for psychometric evaluations has been meticulously designed based on thorough research and statistical validation carried out by a team of skilled experts. This team comprises professionals with PhDs, psychologists, neuroscience specialists, AI experts from IITs, and HR professionals.

We assess an individual’s distinct aptitude, interests, and personality traits, which are then utilized to provide personalized career suggestions and recommend suitable learning methods for skill enhancement. Our career assessments cover 14 unique skills, 10 interest parameters, and 10 core dimensions of personality.


MINDSCAN Psychometric Test for Students in Grades 8th to 10th

This assessment provides students with insights into their inherent intelligence, personality traits, and core potential. It helps them identify their preferred learning style and equips them with strategies to achieve higher scores and study more effectively. Additionally, the MINDSCAN Psychometric test evaluates their proficiency in numerical and language skills.

MINDSCAN Psychometric Test for Grade 11th and 12th Students

The test report reveals the most suitable academic streams and a wide range of options and courses for students, giving them a clear understanding of their chances for success in their desired career paths. The report highlights their strengths and areas for improvement, while also providing an analysis of their study habits to enhance performance in board exams. A career expert will then design a personalized career path based on the results.

MINDSCAN Psychometric Test for Students (Graduates)

The test provides a comprehensive report that offers the top three career and course options suitable for students, along with information about available colleges. It also assesses the chances of success in their desired career and provides a personalized career path created by a career expert. Additionally, the test includes a unique 10-point assessment program based on factors such as aptitude, interest, personality, academic score, aspirations, eligibility, geography, budget, background, and market opportunities. This program assists students in making informed decisions regarding their course and career choices. Furthermore, the test provides a study habit analysis to help students improve their performance in university exams.


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